Grocery Store

Neither of my twins, who are now three, has ever been to the grocery store. This is partly pandemic-related, but mostly because they are twins, as grocery stores are not designed for multiples. Look at the carts—one child seat. Except for the ones with the huge plastic extensions that look like little cars. I guess … Continue reading Grocery Store

My Epiphanies (Which Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Wise Men)

I love the word epiphany. It is such a grand way to express new enlightenment. Also, it sounds like candy; it reminds of the old-fashioned divinity my mom used to make at Christmas, all fluffy and pastel and ethereal. I taste sugar when I say it. I have had in my life a few epiphanies … Continue reading My Epiphanies (Which Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Wise Men)


I hate January. It’s not the winter part I have a problem with. The darkness doesn’t bother me much, nor the spareness of the landscape. I don’t like to be cold, but I have a thermostat and a teakettle and I use them. It’s really not the winter season. It’s just…the month. I mean, does … Continue reading January


So interesting that some things about children are exactly what one expected, but others are a complete surprise. Take my daughter. In a physical sense, she looks exactly as I imagined our child would look—except for her startling blue eyes, the result of recessive genes, and her storm cloud of blond hair, which I would … Continue reading Fierce